Datca Resort Information

Datça is where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean. One side of the 70 kilometre long Datça Peninsula, which stretches to the west from Marmaris, is lapped by the waters of the Aegean and on the other by those of the Mediterranean. Those who go to the very end point of this peninsula, where the ancient city of Knidos is sited, can see that the inner port of the city is in the Mediterranean and the outer port in the Aegean. The Datça Peninsula is a large one, beginning at the narrowest point of the peninsula where the port of Bencik is and stretching all the way to Knidos.

At its narrowest point, the side facing the Gulf of Hisarönü where Bencik is and the side facing the Bördübet, it appears from looking at a map as if it could split from the mainland at anytime. The distance between the two sides is as little as 800 metres.

You should not think of Datça as a place for a one day visit. Around the peninsula you will find as many as 52 coves, some of which can only be reached by sea and which for one full day will be yours alone. You will not be able to forget the beautiful sea with the stillness of an aquarium in Datça’s coves and beaches.

You can find small and beautiful hotels, sail by boat into its coves, make discoveries in the impressive ruins of the ancient city of Knidos and treasure memories of the pleasant Datça evenings.



The Datca Region 

If you are holidaying in Datça do not forgo visiting sites around the town. There are of course the wonderful sand beaches and sun but there is also more than that. Minibuses run from Datça to nearby coves and the ancient city of Knidos, or you can reach these destinations by driving yourself or taking a shared boat. If you do not have your own vehicle we advise you to take one of the daily boat trips. There is plenty of fish in the waters of Datça. You will find very suitable rocks from which to cast a fishing line. The Datça coves are also ideal for those interested in wind surfing or for diving and the effort is repaid when you see the riches beneath the sea.


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