Antalya Resort Information

Factors such 300 days of sunshine, an average temperature of 24 °C during the year, 1/5 of its land being utilized for farming and having a suitable infrastructure, make the 4th most visited city in the world. Antalya city holds an important place in Turkey’s agriculture with the Antalya Plain in terms of agricultural potential and ecologic suitability.

 Antalya; also known as the “The Earthly Paradise”, “The Pearl of the Mediterranean” and “The Turkish Riviera”; is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey. Antalya is a city brimming with natural and historical beauties, where ancient cities whispering history, myth and legend, tranquil emerald-green forests and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean come together. Aspendos, the most magnificient and the best preserved ancient theatre of the Asian and African continents, is located in Antalya. As well as numerous archaeological sites and historic buildings, Antalya also has magnificient beaches extending for miles, many natural wonder waterfalls and caves.


The golf clubs which meet international standards in Antalya are preferred by world-famous golfers. Antalya Museum is one of the most important museums of the world due to the ancient artifacts it exhibits.


All the Beauties of the Nature are Together

Antalya, one of the most popular destinations of summer tourism, owes its fame to its sandbanks and quality beaches extending for miles. When the summer months arrive, every year thousands of domestic and foreign tourists surrender themselves to the wonderful nature, sun and clear waters of Antalya. Apart from the magnificent beaches, the deep canyons, the tumultuous waterfalls and the caves attracting the attention of thrill-seekers make Antalya a fantastic city.


1001 Delicacies of the Mediterranean Cuisine

Antalya grows all kinds of vegetables and legumes in her bosom with her mild climate and arable soils. These fertile soils are the most natural sources for the creation of flavours peculiar to the region. You will run across variety of jams and marmalades you may have never even thought of in Antalya. You will probably taste some of the varieties of sea food for the first time there. You will be dazed by such a rich and rooted regional cuisine.

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