NEWS Winter Resorts Of Turkey



  • Uludag (Bursa)

Uludag, 36km in the south of Bursa, is one of the country’s favourite winter sports centers with its richness of flora and fauna. Plans have been confirmed for a development project, which will offer a huge increase in accommodation and skiing facilities.

Uludag is the highest mountain in Western Anatolia. It is covered by forests, and the region has a partially temperate climate with a dominant wind direction of south-west/south. The best season is from late December to late March.

You can be reached both by highway and cable car to Uludag. The Ski resort is 40 minutes away from Bursa by road and 60 minutes away from the airport.

  • Bolu

Turkey's northwestern city of Bolu is one of the most captivating winter resorts in Turkey. Its proximity to Istanbul is another feature that makes this city attractive for both local and foreign tourists.

Located on the Black Sea, Bolu has huge green highlands that you can enjoy during the summer. It is thought that there are around 300 highlands in Bolu, and they offer many opportunities to camp, when weather permits, and fill your lungs with fresh air in a place that overlooks the entire city.

Bolu is attracting more attention with all tones of green in autumn and tiny resorts covered with snow in the winter.

The first thing that comes to mind about Bolu is its towns, such as Abant Yedigöller, where you can find all of nature's colors, and Kartalkaya, which tourists who like winter sports mainly prefer. 

  • Erciyes (Kayseri)

Erciyes is in Kayseri city which is located in South of Central Anatolia and it is one of Turkey's best winter-sport resorts and the most centralized Ski Resort of the World by its geographical position.

You can be reach to Kayseri from Istanbul and Ankara by road, train and plane. There are regularly 15 flights from Istanbul to Kayseri daily with different airlines and just one hour flight from Istanbul.  Kayseri has a wide selection of hotels and restaurants.


  • Palandoken (Erzurum)


Palandoken Mountain is located in Erzurum which is in Eastern part of Anatolia. The mountain is one of the world’s winter tourism centers of limited number with its geographical features, convenient for skiing for 5 months with its snow quality, long tracks and facilities. The season is beginning from November to April in the city.


Palandoken Mountains is on the 18th line on the list of most famous ski resorts in the World which is determined by New York Times. Palandöken’s tracks are among the longest and steepest in the world.


Palandoken Mountains is among skiing areas of first-degree importance and of first priority for Turkey with regards to winter sports and winter tourism and carries the feature of being an international station in terms of freestyle skiing and touristic movements in winter. The city, having hosted 25. Universiade Winter Games, became one of the new attraction centers of Turkey and the world for winter tourism.

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