NEWS Turkish Riviera - Fethiye / 2018 Tourism Reservations Continue to Rise..

Muğla's Fethiye district is not only fascinated by its history but also with its magnificent geography. 2018 Tourism season booking figures continue to favor the tourism industry. In Fethiye, the losses that occurred in foreign markets for the last 2 years have increased by 25% as of this year. In addition to the British market, Russian and Ukrainian markets have seen an increase of up to 65%.

The increase in the house prices for sale in Fethiye for the last 1 year is about 11.64%. The average unit price of the houses for sale is 2,500TL. The average size of the house for sale is around 125 m2. When these figures go to Ölüdeniz, the average unit price of the residential properties for sale is 3.230 TL, while the residential property for sale is 130 m2. According to the annual average statistics, the most valuable neighborhoods are İncirköy, Tuzla, Foça and Taşyaka.

If you are considering buying a home for investment, buying property from the project will be more profitable for you. After the first legal process is completed and the required permits are received, the property you buy will start to earn you money. Getting a house from the project is quite advantageous. With a prepayment of 25% -40% from the start of the project you can be economically hosted with a few installments until the deed delivery stage. Another advantage of buying a house from the project is that you can make changes in the house according to your personal preferences and you can evaluate the usage areas as you like.

Muğla is one of the regions preferred by local and foreign tourists for many years. The Babadağ cable car project in Fethiye, which is among the best paragliding centers of the world and attracts attention with its magnificent scenery, will be operational by the end of 2018. And visitors will be able to take a trip to the top of the Babadag Mountain in only 7 minutes. The view from the top is breathtaking. Every year at least 1 million people are expected to welcome. From the summit of the mountain, the towns of Fethiye, Dalaman and Kaş of Antalya can be seen, while the island of Rhodes in Greece can be observed.

One of the first places that come to mind in Fethiye is Ölüdeniz. Turquoise sea, clean beaches and lush green nature can be reached in 20 minutes by minibuses from the center of Fethiye. It is also possible to find restaurants that serve delicious food.

Since Fethiye is a rich region with its history, the list of places to visit is quite long. Among these, you can go to Hisaronu, which is prominent with entertainment places in recent years, stay in Ovacık with suitable accommodation options, or visit Kayaköy a Greek village which was once abandoned.

If you prefer to go Fethiye by airway, you can fly to Dalaman Airport and take the approximately 1 hour road trip. You can also use minibuses operating in Fethiye.

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