NEWS Turkey has Reached the Highest Level in the History of Foreign Real Estate Sales in September 2018

To giving the Turkish citizenship, for the buyers of real estates which are worth at least 250.000 USD and increases of the exchange rates in last 3 months are affected teh number of the sales to the foreigners and got the numbers top according to the last years. 

Home sales to foreigners in Turkey on September reached over 5000 level first so when compared with the last year at the same month the numbers has increased 151% and the numbers has reached 5615. 

To take the advantages of giving Turkish citizenship and the decreased of the exchanges, the foreigners has bought 5615 real estates on September this year. This high record sales was 2236 on last year on September. So it means that these sales records showed that foreign investors continue to see how Turkey is a safe country.   

In the first 9 months of 2018, the house sales to the foreigners increased by 58.5 % and the numbers has reached to 24. 155 and beat the record of Republic history. So real estate sales - are expected to exceed over 30.000 in 2018 as a result of the increasing Exchange rates. 

First choice of foreigners was Istanbul again in September in Turkey so it wasn’t change. In the first 9 months of 2018, 7895 houses were sold to the foreigners in Istanbul. In Turkey, Antalya has followed to Istanbul with 5. 237 house sales, 1719 sales in Bursa, 321.000 in Yalova, 212.000 in Ankara and then Trabzon followed these cities with 34.000 house sales. 

The real estates sales numbers in Istanbul and Antalya are more than 50% of the sales of the whole country so it means that when you look at the every 100 house sales, 33 houses sold in Istanbul and 22 houses sold in Antalya.

Iraque’s hold own their places on the field of housing sales in Turkey 

According to general residential sales to foreign nationals in Turkey, the most real estate purchases in September was also conducted by Iraqi citizens. During this period, Iraqi citizens purchased 1351 residences so created the 20% of total housing sales. In the same period, Iranians followed the Iraques with 538 housing investments, Russians with 360 units, Saudi Arabia with 312 and Germans with 299 units.

In Turkey 2018 9 months of 4 thousand 866 housing they bought with the most residential areas it was again buy Iraqi citizens. Iraques were followed Iranies with 2 thousand 197 houses, Saudi Arabians with 885 houses, Russians 443 houses and Kuwaits with 1000 houses. Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabian investors, who shared the top three positions among the nationals who bought the most housing in the 9-month period reached the 37% of the total sales.

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