NEWS Good News For The Citizens Who Bought a Property From Urban Transformation!


The Head of Real Estate Law Association, Ali Güvenç Kiraz, explained that the citizens will be able to take back their tapu fees which they paid while buying and saling their properties. The tapu fees are paying over the sales price of the property. 

The citizens -who want to take back the tapu fees- must have bought their houses and shops after July 25,2014. This law also is valid for owners of stores and the constructors.  

The law number 6306 has given to the citizens a lot of rights in these matters. According to this law, citizens will be able to get it back the fees regardless of how much they pay. The law covers the payments before the construction and the first sales after construction. 

Good News For The Citizens Who Bought a Property From Urban Transformation!

How you would like to proceed to take the tapu fees back?

1- After the purchase and sale transactions are made, in 30 days they need to apply the related tax office for the correction. The citizens need to provide a few necessary documents to the tax office; payment receipt, copy of title deed, risky building exemption letter, risky building certificate and contract. 

If 30 days have passed since the purchase and sale, they must need to apply to the Revenue Administration. 

2- If the tax office and the Revenue Administration don’t accept the application, the owners must prosecute them to the tax courts within 30 days with the additional documents; 

- Tax Payment Receipt

- Photocopy of Title Deed bill 

- Risky Building Document

- Risk Building Exemption Certificate

- Contract Example  

To offer the decisions and results of the sample courts that have been completed are very important for the judgement of the verdict.

All consumers and constructor are required to open this case within 5 years from the date of sale to benefit this advantage.

In the last years, 2% of title deed fees were paid by the seller and 2% by the buyer. But now the title deeds were reduced to 3% from %4 in May 2018 until October 2018. According to the law, citizens will be able to get it back regardless of how much they have already paid for it before.

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