NEWS Arab Investors are Preferred Trabzon Where is Increasing in Real Estate Sector Rapidly

When you say Black Sea, Trabzon comes to minds as first…

You will admire this city with its unique traditions and values of the Black Sea as well as its unique nature and history.

At the last years, the housing rates have increased in Trabzon, which is the top rate city for the Arab investors.

80% of the Arab investors prefer to buy housing in the Eastern part of Trabzon. In parallel with this, housing prices are higher at some parts of Trabzon such as Kaşüstü, Şana, Ortahisar and Yalıncak than other parts. 


The real estates investors prefer the Eastern side of Trabzon. The reason is the its proximitiy to the airport and Uzungöl. 


Another reason of the growing house prices in Trabzon is that the land prices are very high. The limited number of these lands affects the prices and makes them higher.  As a result, it affects the project rates and makes them higher. 

The Chairman of the Chamber of Trabzon Builders and Realtors, Ayhan Taflan has informed that after the construction of the South high way project, it will affect the increasing of the constructions in the lands.


The volume of foreign investment in Turkey is growing day by day. According to TUIK data, there was a 59 % increasing in sales of houses for foreigners compared to the previous years. 1827 residental houses has been sold until March of 2018 generally in Turkey.

Trabzon became the 3rd city on the most residental sales to foreigners after Istanbul and Antalya generally in Turkey. In the January-March period of 2017, while 153 houses were sold in Trabzon; in the same period of 2018, the number increased to 87.6 % and 287 real estate has been sold. 


The top 10 provinces with the highest number of foreign residents sold in March 2018 were taken into consideration, Trabzon was the city with the highest number of houses sold in January-March 2018 compared to the same period of the previous year.


It means that Trabzon had a 0.85% increasing on sale residential properties market during the last month. On the projects, which have already started the construction, the prices at around 300.000 TL. As you can see on the table below, the real estate market is increasing every year.

Air, land and sea transportation are available to the Trabzon so have a great advantage for transportation.

Trabzon takes attention very much for the local and foreign tourists with its green nature. 

You will admire to go Trabzon again and again to see the many historical sites; monasteries, monuments, gardens, mosques and the Ataturk Mansion. All of them besides its green nature are the major reasons to go there and visit the city. 


Apart from all of these historical places, Uzungöl- which has a lush nature, turquouise water, clean air and impressive scenery- is the first stop for everybody. 


Besides, you will have a chance to taste the delicious cuisines of the Black Sea; rice with hamsi fish, mihlama, dolma of karalahana, laz pastry… This is the another reason to come this lovely city again.


Shortly Trabzon is a tourism city that can be visited by four seasons with its historical and natural beauties...


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