About Us



Real Estate and Property Sales in All over Turkey Since 2002


Our company was founded under the registered  trade name of SHY A.Ş. both in İzmir and London and started to provide services to international companies and people who are interested in the Real Estate. We used the lack of Real Estate Sector and turned it into a Market in Turkey and by the end of 2004 we already raised our portfolios up to 2500 and the numbers of the offices up to 5.


In 2012 as SHY A.Ş. we put our signature to our new Project which is consisted 1550 property and 15.000sqm commercial area with the Arabian participation. We named our Project S Towers and opened offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, Kuwait, Dubai, Doha, Amman and Baku as a part of our marketing strategy and raised the number of our offices up to 11.


Our company has a vast property sales network approved with the award won in 2015, also has a leading role in the sector which manages a remarkable deal of offshore investments.


We are operational in 30 regions  with its property portfolio over 2500, especially  in İstanbul and  all over Marmara, Blacksea, Aegean and Mediterranean.


 We would be happy to work and share our project network willing to make a difference  with you all who are sharing the same vision with us. 

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