69sq.m  -   Bathroom(s): 1  -   Bedroom(s) 1 - CANKAYA

The new icon of the city of Ankara, this project will be the first and only.

So far, so different from the conventional project, nearly 15.000sq.m of living spaces designed with uninterrupted around the pond in Cankaya, opens the doors to a whole of new life.
Lake of eymir, Marina, biking and walking trails, lush nature and colourful life will be add a whole new excitement to Ankara.
The world's most exciting and the most modern ski Snowland in 365 days skiing and snowboarding enjoyment.
Cankaya tennis club
Professional tennis courts and specialist coaches of Cankaya tennis club! There are totally 6 professional tennis courts.
Tropical island 
Tropical beach and vegetation of the tropical island, a children swimming pool, recreation and meeting place for you.
1+1 apartments varies from 69sq.m to 90sq.m, prices starting from 106.500USD goes up to 163.000USD.
1,5+1 apartments varies from 91sq.m-108sq.m, prices starting from 143.500USD goes up to 218.500USD.
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Price: $106.500