The  Residence is located at Arsin district in Trabzon and consists of 9 blocks including 450 apartments . Amenities 7/24 Security, Basketball playground, Cafeteria, Camellia, ..

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Total land 22.000 sqm,   22 villas,   2-storey 15,   3-storey 7,   Each villa has;   35 sqm swimming pool   Sitting area   Total 800 sqm gard ..

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Apartments for Sale in Trabzon

Trabzon is a historic port city near the eastern end of Turkey’s black Sea coast. The city is located on the historical silk road and became a meeting point of cultures, trade opportunities and nations. The city has strong sea side to the sea and this makes Trabzon significant for national or international ships, tourists or passengers. The total population of the city is around 770,000 and has 6.700 m squares area. Average temperatures lie between 10 C during cold winter days and 27 C in the middle of summer. The region is known with a high rate of rain and warm weather.


Turkey’s Black Sea Coast is apart from the rest of the country with rolling mountains and cluster of villages on plateaus. The winding road along the Black Sea coast gives breath taking scene and Trabzon has one of the most fascinating scenes on the earth. The city is founded during 8th century BC by Greek and used as a harbor city and Constantinople arrived at Trabzon around 13th century. Todays, Trabzon is an important harbor city for Turkey and a great touristic area for visitors.


Trabzon Impress Investors Looking for Apartments for Sale in Trabzon

Even for a tourist or an investor looking for apartments for sale in Trabzon, the city offers a wide range of places to visit and cultures to meet. Sumela Monastery (Monastery of the Virgin Mary) is the most attracted historical place on the province and the region. The past goes until Byzantines and until 1923 the building was officially used as a monastery. Today, the monastery is a museum open to public and offers wonderful scenic view, historical sense and photographic beauty. The alpine village of Ayder on the high points of Trabzon serves a unique experience where you can explore tea-growing families, winter temperature in the middle of summer and spectacular green of nature. Hagia Sophia (known as Ayasofya) is well-reserved historic church in Trabzon which is initially a church and after converted as museum. So, Trabzon is a history-rich city and anyone looking for apartments for sale in Trabzon should be ready to be impressed by the city.


The city is Promising for Investors Planning to Purchase for Apartments for Sale in Trabzon

Trabzon continued to protect its geographical position throughout the history and, as in the past, became the most important of all the ports on the Black Sea. The eco-strategic position of Trabzon makes the city identified with commerce and trade, more than 25 foreign countries located in the city. In terms of agriculture, Trabzon has two main products; hazelnut and tea. The most of the forestry products of Turkey are produced in Trabzon. The residents work with animal husbandry, and the most important sector is fishing. Over 75% of Turkey’s fish production takes place in Black Sea and Trabzon is responsible for 20% of total fish production. Trabzon is a promising location with trade, tourism and transportation for investors planning to purchase for apartments for sale in Trabzon.


The Trabzon Free Zone has achieved a rise in trade volume and The Port of Trabzon has a capacity of 4 million tones. This is why Trabzon is a gate opens to the rest of the world, mainly with the importation of raw material. The city bridges between Caucasus, Russia, Central Asia, Middle East and the West and plays a significant role as a trade zone.


If you are looking for an apartment for sale in Trabzon, then you are about to make an investment on the heart of the best harbor of Turkey with both tourism and trade facilities.


Investors Seeking for Apartments for Sale in Trabzon Should First Decide the Preferences

Investors seeking for apartments for sale in Trabzon should first decide the preferences of themselves. The city has a huge coast and high mountains, then the property opportunities varies by the side of the city, view of the house, distance to the city center or shopping malls. Also, Trabzon offers different types of living areas from developed districts to traditional regions. This may differ with the luxury products included in the apartment, living space or the price of the property.


If you prefer a newly branded apartment, then the property offers you technological equipment in the kitchen, swimming pool, fitness room, big sauna, children play ground, daily cleaning or fashionably decorated architecture. Purchasing for these apartments in Trabzon brings you trendy facilities with environment preferences. Apartments for sale in Trabzon you are looking for may have a forest scene or a deep blue Black Sea view from its window. It is possible to find a property both close to the nature of the mountains and provide sea scape.


The centrally located apartments for sale in Trabzon may also offer traditional properties. These building are generally located closer to the city center, seafront restaurants and shops. Purchasing for an apartment in the city center provides living in the hearth of the most important harbor of Turkey. What is more, you can walk thorough the sea side, watch trade ships and try fishing.


Price of the Apartments for Sale in Trabzon Differ Related to the Exact Location

Price of the apartments for sale in Trabzon differ related to the exact location, number of rooms designed, architecture and technological facilities of the property. Additionally, the year the apartment is built and brand of the builder effects the price of the apartment.


Whether you are planning to make an investment for rental income, future investment or retirement years, apartments for sale in Trabzon provide a potential for you and offer rising profit from the property.


Guide for Investors Looking for a Property for Sale in Trabzon
  • Decide whether you prefer making an investment on the coast or near the forests of mountains
  • Analyse the future income of your investment; look for rental income rates and predicted prices of the property
  • Make a visit to the location in order to understand the region, neighbourhood or living environment
  • Make your purchase legally, review your contracts carefully and sign the title deed securing the related obligations

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