Project Overview   3 Blocks, consist 109 m2 & 350 m2 different sizes apartments and duplexes.   Architecture Type-Apartments & Roof Duplexes-24-hour security ca ..

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 We have spared a great part of project,which consists of 60 apartments in 3 blocks on 7.082m2 area , for green areas.   60 apartments in 3 blocks, 1 parking garage and 1 parking ..

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Boutique hotel located in the centre of Kusadası and just 300 metres away from the port.   The hotel is seven storied and has a restuarant with the capcity for 150 persons.  ..

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A smart guidance to buy apartment in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is situated on Turkey's Aegean coast. Being a thriving small town, there was a tourism boom in the 1990s as foreign tourists found Greece too expensive. As Turks are very friendly and helpful, it helped the country more popular. Turkey has become more strengthened as an optimum investment location, which is greatly assisted by the strong growth of the touristic market. For some years Kusadasi is getting improved it’s quality of construction and increasing range of available type of properties very extensively. Apartment properties have become more and more preferable and choice able because of ease of maintenance of those properties and also often for their proximity to Kusadasi town center. When you are in need of apartment for sale in Kusadasi, you will find a large number of varieties with so many options.

Why should you buy a property here?

Exceptional growth in Turkish real estate and tourism sector has highly been influenced by the high demand of visitors, low entry-level prices, economic stability and very beneficial currency exchange rates. Beautiful and fully furnished apartments on beach, penthouse or duplex apartment, new apartment with central heating in the city center of Kusadasi, spacious 4-bed new built apartment in a complex with a shared swimming pool, sea and harbor view apartment in Kusadasi center, high-quality new development of spacious sea view and park view apartments in Kusadasi town center, Kusadasi Ladies Beach apartment are certain examples which you can choose for having a good one. Property Investors in Turkey carefully assesses the tourist market demands, along with the future prospects of regional growth potential to buy properties over there. The high demands for short-term accommodation in Kusadasi have showed encouraging results for the investment opportunities. Most of the people are buying apartments in Kusadasi just because of the perceived low prices. There is a plenty of opportunity if you search apartments for sale in Kusadasi. Please check out the recent listing of our website to get more data about the apartments in Kusadasi. We are at your service with luxury apartments which you want to use in summer or in four seasons by looking for apartments for sale in Kusadasi, which is the center of modern life and close to Izmir and Aydın. Kusadasi is close to the Selçuk district with its historical structure, it attracts the attention of foreign investors and at the same time offers vacation opportunities in your own home with blue flagged coasts. Kusadasi is one of the most beautiful places for tourists, with its cultural structure and folk.Reward yourself now and have your own home It is clear that foreign tourists who arrive in Kusadasi for a short period of time for a short holiday already have their own houses as a result of coming back to the same place again and again with their memorable features.In this sense, we provide services to our customers with excellent nature, sea and history and apartments for sale in Kusadasi with honesty principle.We are opening up our doors to our foreign friends who want to live a luxury life in the living centers, or in the apartments with sea view. It is now very easy with our help for you have your own home that you want to spend rest of your life or holidays.You can have an idea about our existing houses on our internet site and you can also use our live support line for your questions and problems.You can see the model of houses in our headquarter office in Kusadasi and you can reach more precise information by seeing the residences, since 2004.You and your family will really love the apartments for sale in Kusadasi. The people of Aydin are very hospitable and will help you in every way so that you will not have a adapt problem when you move.

Reasons For Why You Shoul Buy House in Kusadasi

Kusadasi, which is one of the holiday regions of Aydın, it is one of the most developed and popular tourism centers of Turkey. The historical and natural beauties that it possesses make the privilege of finding apartments for sale in Kusadasi valuable.In this unique holiday village, Kusadasi National Park is at the beginning of places we recommend to visit. Located 28 km from the center, the national park has a magnificent nature. Do not have a apartment for sale in Kusadasi, without seeing the wonder of nature that you can see every tone of blue and green. The Güvercin Island Castle, one of the symbols of Kusadasi, is another great place to visit. Built to protect from threats from the sea hundreds of years ago, the castle today is one of the most important tourist places in Kusadasi.The castle is located to the west of Kusadasi Port. Another historical building you can see in Kusadasi is the walls of the Panionion at Dilek Hill and the remains of the parliament building. Aydin Kusadasi'da we recommend you to visit another magnificent nature is the Zeus Cave. We recommend you to swim in the clear and ice water of the cave at the entrance of Dilek Peninsula. Kusadasi Turkey's and the world's most popular water entertainment centers are waiting for you to have fun and excitement during the day. In this water park where excitement, fun and sunshine combine, you will experience excitement with adrenaline raids that will accelerate your heart beats. One of the districts known as Aydın's tourism paradise is undoubtedly Kusadasi. Our estate office continues to provide services at this point and brings you the living spaces you need in the best possible numbers. We are here to respond to your apartment needs for sale in Kusadasi and we also offer rental services. Our doors are open to every customer who wants to buy a new house and wants to make this purchase for investment purposes. We would also like to mention that we have implemented our price policy much more different and customer focused than other offices. We find the house that is most suitable for you as soon as possible and we do not have any time loss either. Our office, which offers real estate services for sale in Kusadasi and attracts attention with its reasonable prices, has also become one of the most popular addresses of the sector. In a paradise like Kusadasi, we make you home owner and giving you the opportunity to spend your summer holiday in perfect condition. You can also contact us for investment purposes and we continue to actively serve you during winter months. Our office, which analyzes and closely follows the real estate market, does not leave you out with its perfect living spaces that will respond to your expectations. You can also check the advertisements by browsing our website and you can make the process much faster by following it.

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