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Apart from being the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, Bursa is famous for being a green city, which raises its demand of Property for sale in Bursa, where the government efficiently enforces environmental laws, making the town a refreshing sight.

The place holds a very rich history, but you will be surprised to see modern city buildings side by side with remarkable ancient structures. Thus go for it heartily if you want to buy any Property for sale in Bursa, we can assure its goodness and the aesthetic value of Bursa is high. If you are big admirer of the structures then you must have a glimpse of Bursa’s history. You have to visit the stated museums for their awesome sculpture, perfect works and also for their extraordinary architectural impression, which they hold for so many years:

• The Bursa Archaeology Museum
• Ataturk Museum
• Bursa City Museum
• Green Mausoleum

The place is also nicknamed as GREEN BURSA; discover the amazing parks, forests and botanical gardens that wait just outside the city center. You can enjoy skiing at Uludağ National Park, or you can explore the old village of Cumalikizik, which is considered to be the only living Ottoman village in the world. Gaze at the stunning architecture i.e. the beautiful mosques. The Green Mosque, the Muradiye-Hüdavendigar Mosque and the Bursa Grand Mosque are among the many must-see Bursa tourism attractions.

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The old bazaar buildings offer an endless array of items, especially silk products for the shopping freaks. You'll also find plenty of modern stores in the city's shopping district. Don’t forget to take a look at our listings of some other places to make sure you get a Property for sale in Bursa

If you are looking for relaxation in this place then you will be glad to know that there are a lot of such spots here you can relax yourself easily. Hence for recreation purpose you should buy a property in this place, check out the below spots where you can relax yourself significantly if you will buy a property here. Saitabat Waterfall -Nature lovers should not miss Saitabat, a 3-feet waterfall that is originated from a canyon, which got its name from the Saitabat variety of pigeons that flourishes in that particular area. Koza Han- Koza Han means “silk cocoon market”, where silk cocoon farmers deposit their products for spinning and the end product of which can be bought from the various shops found in the center.

Cumalikizik Village- Cumalikizik Village is a historical place that too attracts a large no. Of tourists; it still has been able to preserve its ancient structure- in all its charm and glory. Its origin is from the Ottoman Empire’s period and now serves as an ethnography museum in itself.

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Bursa, which is a unique region for investing not only in apartment buildings but also in many areas, is predominantly the focus of attention by Arab investors.
Especially, the distance to Istanbul has been reduced considerably with the bridges, roads and tunnels built in recent years,Bursa is rapidly progressing to become Turkey's star.With its unique geographical location, strong infrastructure and rich culture, Bursa is a city to live in.The historical texture of Bursa, which has a settlement center where you can reside in summer and winter, will fascinate you.Bursa, which grows day by day in terms of industry, is among the most convenient cities in Turkey for buying real estate right now. If you buy a house in Bursa, you can provide income by renting it in a short time. My Villa Turkey real estate consultants will help you with this.

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Who wants to be a homeowner in Bursa?
There are conservative people in Bursa for this reason especially foreign Muslim investors want to be homeowners.Our customers, who stated that they feel very comfortable in Bursa, emphasize that the houses are generally not completely investment oriented but they are taking them to settle in the coming years.The most property for sales in Bursa in 2016 are in Mudanya, which is of course the wonderful nature and luxury houses.These houses are completely new, reliable, durable and quite stylish.In addition to Muslim investors, there is a strong tendency in France to buy property for sale in Bursa, and the French are usually interested in investing in apartments or offices.